Silas Merle Robinson, otherwise known as “Uncle Si,” was pronounced dead on the set of the new “Robertson Family Treasures” show in Bozeman, Mantana. Authorities were called to the scene after a production crane feel, kill Robertson and 3 others.

The family has asked for privacy during this trying time, adding that Si “did not suffer.” reports from the set say the names of the other three won’t be made publicuntil their families have been notified. There is little other info available.

FACT-CHECK: TRUE – “Uncle Si” Was Killed Filming New Family Treasures Series

None of the information from the scene can be confirmed at this time, but a rumor spreading among extras and set designers say the crane was holding a steel beam when someone shouted “yeehaw”, jumped in, and started playing with the controls. “It’s kinda like rowing a canoe,” someone who recorded the incident says can be heard in the background.

Lead detective Joe Barron says that if they find out this was all some immature, irresponsible game, it will be an awful shame, but he also acknowledged it will probably make for great tv. “Si was a legend, so if he really went out like that, it’s almost fitting.”

Reports say the beam fell directly on Uncle Si, crushing him in an instant. A shop vac and three mops were necessary to clean the set, but production continued an hour later. “Uncle Si always said the show must go on,” said one of the other guys.

Rest in Peace, Uncle Si. May God bless your soul.


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