Phil Robertson was just 15 when he whittled his first duck call from a stick he found in the woods behind his Artubolls, Louisiana home. 64 years and 700 million ducxk calls later, the mogul of quack has died. After a brief fight with an unexpected infection, Phil went to be with God.

Doctors at All Mary’s General Clinical and Diagnostic Hospital in St. Cloud, Georgia, said Robertson came in about a week ago complaining of pain in his left subdural glutumus. After some testing, they discovered a mass of grey matter they couldn’t explain. Over the next few days, it festered and sent Phil into toxic shock.

Robertson’s official cause of death is undetermined. Researchers are eager to find out if the total mass of the matter in the cheek is as great as that in the cranial cavity. In Robewrtson’s case, it would almost seem fitting.

The family has asked for privacy, as well as a new special on A&E to mourn.


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