Who doesn’t Love Dick Van Dyke? We loved him on his self-titled show. He was everything in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. He stole the screen in “Mart Poppins”.  He made “Diagnosis Murder” ever so slightly less horrible. His singing , his dancing, his pratfalls, his acting…… Dick Van Dyke was a true entertainer and beloved by all, save, perhaps. those who discovered him for the first time on “The New Dick Van Dyke Show”.

Van Dyke died this morning in a water sliding accident.  In his old age, with the onset of dementia, he failed to notice the absence of water on the waterslides at the park he went to in order to escape the late spring heat. He slid down 300 feet of tubing with no water beneath him and landed with a hard thud into the empty concrete pool below. Park employees. who were there to begin the process of opening the park for the season , ran to his body immediately, but there was nothing they could do. He was gone.

Nothing is gone forever, Dick, only out of place

Van Dyke is succeeded by his wife, Connie, and eight wonderful children…..all of whom are being screwed out of his will. For Dick was a Trump fan and could see America greatening right before his eyes these past few years. He wanted  that to continue for future generations of his family.  And so he left his entire estate to the “Trump 2020 Campaign”. He did this out of love for his family, though they may  not see it right now. As he stated in his will :

”If I don’t do this, dear family, there will be no America left for you to love and then you will surely die.”

RIP Dick. Your patriotic heart will be missed.


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