Hulkamania is now running wild in Heaven. On Friday, the family of Terrance Gene Bollea — better known as all-American Hulk Hogan — announced that he had finally succumbed to a long battle with cancer after a show in Mexico on Wednesday.

“Terrance was loved by all Americans, but most of all by us, his family,” says Hulk Hogan’s sister, Fiona Boella-Dourif. “We can only hope that Americans can live by his example and fight for truth, justice, and the American way like Terry did.”

Hogan’s will reading on Thursday was mostly normal — $50 million to each of his kids, the rest to his wife, and assorted properties to beloved family members. Hogan also left $100,000 to his church and a shockingly large gift to “the American people.”

Hogan had designated that “100 million be left to a pro-America cause to be chosen by my lovely wife Jennifer McDaniel.” McDaniel, whom Hogan married in 2010, chose We Build the Wall, a fund started by triple-amputee veteran Senior Airplane Brian Kolfage. We Build the Wall, inc., aims to build a border wall by convincing people to give up their private property and allow a massive concrete structure to be built. It has already raised a small fraction ($11 million) of the total cost of the $20 billion wall. Hogan’s generous gift will now allow a few hundred feet of wall to be built.

Hulk Hogan brought joy to the lives of many Americans, young and old. We will certainly feel this loss for quite some time.