Television and film legend Carol Burnett has died at the age of 89. Not only has the world lost a great talent, but the President has lost a great friend and avid supporter.

Born Madeleine Burnette in 1934, she changed her name to Carol in 1946 to avoid confusion with another woman named Madeleine Burnett making a name for herself in Hollywood. By 1952, the other Madeleine had been hit by a trolley and had never really been a success. By that time, however, the woman we have known and loved as Carol was already used to her new name, and had done 11 commercials and a major film.

She was known as Carol ever since.

Later in life, after her career had come to an end, Ms. Burnett, who never married, devoted her time and money to conservative causes like shutting down Planned Parenthood and advocating for conversion therapy for the gays. She spent the better part of 2016 campaigning for President Trump and is said to have turned tens of thousands of women into supporters after the fake “grab her by the pussy” recording was released by the Democrats.

The world will be a colder, darker place without her in it, but as she once joked with Jay Leno, it won’t last long with all the global warming. A true comedic talent right to the very end.

Carol wanted her fans to donate $10 each to Planned Parenthood upon her death in the name of “Sick Liberals” as one last prank, so get out those checkbooks and call them. They won’t even get that the joke is on them.

Rest in Peace, Carol. You’ll be sorely missed.


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