Legendary game show host Bob Eubanks died today at his home in Pasadena, surrounded by his loved ones. Known best for hosting “The Newlywed Game” for decades, Eubanks developed a net worth in excess of $40 million — all of which he is leaving to the Trump 2020 campaign.

A lifelong Republican and staunch conservative, Eubanks decided just months ago to change his will and leave his entire fortune to the Trump campaign. His attorney, Sandy Batt, said she discouraged Eubanks from going through with this change, considering the fact that he has a wife, many children and grandchildren, and some distant relatives who could also use a few bucks to get through these trying times. He didn’t heed her advice, and now his $40 million legacy will be sent directly to Trump’s coffers by next Monday.

Knowing that his death was approaching from complications of a papercut he got while playing poker, Eubanks left a letter to be opened upon his demise to explain his decision. “I’ve supported conservative ideals my entire life. President Donald Trump embodies the best of America: honesty, integrity, decency, and humility. It will be my great honor to continue to support his worthwhile goals even after I pass on.”

Many young Americans might not be familiar with Bob Eubanks, who is best known in the annals of our popular culture for asking a newly married woman what was the strangest place she’d ever “made whoopee.” This is a family page, so we won’t provide the answer, but if you’re in the mood for a chuckle, it’s worth clicking here to read about it.

The Trump campaign is said to be thrilled by this upcoming windfall. They will use it to stockpile medical supplies strictly for campaign staff, which will be needed very soon when red-state governors open their states for rallies and campaign events.

Rest in peace, Mr. Eubanks. You’ve earned it.


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