Ammon Bundy, a conservative icon and used car salesman, has died after a horse-riding accident in Idaho. He’s well known for standing up for conservative ideals and constitutional rights, as well as a standoff in Oregon where he and other patriots took over a bird sanctuary to protest grazing laws.

He was well known in the militia movements for his stances on 2nd amendment rights and other views that were considered anti-government. He had a massive following of fellow patriots who were just fed up with what they considered government overreach.  One of the final activities was stopping Idaho from mandating masks earlier this month. He will be fondly remembered by those who he touched.

Joe Barron, who was at the bird sanctuary, remembered him as a potatoriot.

“A man amongst men, that’s how he liked to think of himself, except really he was pretty stupid. The world didn’t lose much here. Protesting cattle grazing laws on land that wasn’t his, and taking over a bird sanctuary really didn’t make much sense, and he forgot to bring snacks”.

Maybe Barron wasn’t the right person to interview for this remembrance.

Bundy died after he fell off a horse after coughing nonstop after protesting mask mandates in Idaho, and after demanding he get the “virus now”.

Well looks like he got his wish, and unfortunately, afterward, he fell off of a horse while he was pretending to be a cowboy. An autopsy revealed it wasn’t the fall that did him in, it was the horse stepping on him afterward, obviously irritated with the fake cowboy and fake patriot. His wife couldn’t contain her laughter, as she was pretty sick of being embarrassed by his antics as well.

Bundy really wasn’t liked much in his hometown of Bunkerville, NV, so he relocated to Idaho a few years ago. As insanely right-wing as Idaho is, they were even getting tired of him too.

Nobody could understand why he ever protested grazing laws and were even more startled that he was on a horse, considering the closest he ever got to being a cowboy was stopping to relieve himself at an Arby’s a few years back.

The good news is, his brother was so shocked about his death, his face returned to its normal state. Rest In Power, Mr. Bundy.


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