As you’ve probably heard, Patrice Billingsly — the “Silk” half of pro-Trump African-American duo “Diamond and Silk” — passed away on Tuesday. But the remaining member of the team says that her partner’s death won’t stop her from “spreading the good word” about our President.

“You know, the liberal losers and haters can laugh all they want, but I lost a dear lifetime friend,” Myrna Johnson — Diamond — told BlazeTV on Wednesday. “This shows who they truly are underneath their ‘Black Lives matter’ facade.”

“If they truly cared about black lives, they would be mourning Silk with me,” Johnson continued. “But they are celebrating her death like they won the lottery.”

“I’m not going to let their hate rule my life. It’s not what Silk would have wanted,” Diamond added. “I’m gonna do what she would have done and soldier on for our President.”

“Silk” passed away due to a coronary embolism. According to doctors, she was sleeping, so God took her painlessly.

Diamond and Silk have appeared at numerous of President Trump’s rallies and have recently made appearances on Fox News in support of the President. At first, police suspected foul play in Silk’s death. But after an investigation, they determined that the blood clot was to blame.

Diamond says she will continue to support President Trump.