It’s a sad day in Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, and especially Bozeman, Montana after news that native son, recording legend, live performer and master of the hunt, Theodore Remington “Ted” Nugent, was taken from us suddenly at the young age of 62.

He leaves his wife, Priscilla, his three children Robert, Ziggy, and Moon Beam, and three champion horses, Louie, Kelsey, and Major, along with a slew of fans including Henry, Kevin, Mark, and Doug.

The cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head from a high-powered rifle shot from nearly half-a-mile away. Nugent’s wife, Laura, told his sister, Lorraine, that the shot was so good that she couldn’t even be mad at the shooter.

The only problem, according to the local authorities, is that the shooter hasn’t stepped forward to claim responsibility for the accident. Killing someone in the woods in Montana who wasn’t properly dressed is not a crime. Nugent had just exited his jeep, which is fully camoed out, and was reaching into his bag for his blaze vest when he fell. The shot rang out nearly a full two seconds later.

According to Bozeman Police Chief, Art Tubolls:

“We most likely have a scared hunter who realized what happened after he had already taken his prey. He doesn’t have to worry, unless we find a connection and some kind of foul play, which doesn’t seem likely.

As of now, the death of Ted Nugent is a tragic accident.”

Ted’s family has asked for privacy during this trying time. our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Daphne, and their four beautiful children, Beau, Kiki, Leroy, and Finn.